Ureteral stent management is an important aspect of Urology practice but forgotten ureteral stent may invite may complications including medico legal.

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No more forgotten stent

Stent Tracker will remind patient on your behalf on the day of stent removal to avoid incidences of forgotten stent. An at-a-glance dashboard and SMS/notification make it easy to see urgent and upcoming stent deadlines. We hope you enjoy using this tool. We are eager to hear your feedback so we can keep improving it going forward.


Stent Tracker is a digital stent case management and patient safety system. It’s a tool that makes it easy for you and your staff to keep track of ureteral stents so that stent related complication can be avoided. Stent tracker can increases the quality of care, reduces liability, and improves workflow efficiency.


Comprehensive Dashboard

Easy to access dashboard, allows you to get all information at your finger tip.

Add Patient

Add complete patient information for your further reference; patient’s name, mobile no and language selection (in which you want to remind your patient) are compulsory.

Add Case

Select patient, add stent insertion date & add stent removal date. That’s it. Now system will remind the patient on the day of stent removal on your behalf.

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Today’s due

List of patients with stent removal due as on date. You can also send SMS reminder to patients.


List of all cases with crossed due date. Remind patient directly from here.

SMS Support in local languages

System sends SMS in regional languages to patient one day prior to the stent removal date, on the day of stent removal as well as after stent removal with name of user & hospital.

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